People and
The Landscape

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Ideals provides a sophisticated look into the unique practice of Sydney artist Nick Pont. Highlighted in this body of work is Pont’s stylistically naïve visual language, which is unified through a range of intuitive painting and drawing techniques. The on-going variation in this series prevails through poetic tonal drawings, vibrantly rendered works on paper and bold, techni-colour oil paintings.

Pont is influenced by his memory of experiences, surrounding environment and found historical references. In Ideals these sources are re-invented to create an otherworldly utopian vision. Pont cites painters Sidney Nolan, Vincent Van Gogh, Peter Doig and author Tim Winton as highly influential to his idea of character mystique and cultural escapism.

Pont completed a BFA at The University of Newcastle in 2013 and has exhibited work at Wagner Art Gallery and Bondi Pavilion Gallery. Work for Ideals was created during his experience at Art Park/ Linnaeus Artist Residency in Byron Bay, during travels throughout Asia and at home in Sydney.

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